Use a map to share your work with colleagues, clients, and funders.
Progress reports, grant requests, posters, forest plans, agricultural plans – the GIS specialists at SKTWorks can create printable maps that shows what you need to show with clarity and precision. Our maps make your projects look good.

Make finding the way easy.
Need a campus or park map for the general public? We’ll make an accurate map that anyone can understand, one that reflects your style, aesthetics, or brand standards. We’ll walk your sidewalks or trails and map them with submeter accuracy. Maybe you want to highlight natural resources, facilities, or the flora and fauna; maybe your audience includes kids or teenagers. We’ll create a fun map that will engage your public, in print or via a Web app.

Make documenting a property for a conservation easement easy – or let us help you meet looming year-end deadlines.
We’ll complete the BDR for your conservation easement or for those of your clients from start to finish: site visit/data collection; report preparation, including a full suite of professional quality maps and photo layout with captions; and revision following your review. We work with land trust templates (or our own) to Land Trust Alliance and individual land trust standards. We make thorough documentation easy for you and do it promptly, even during the busy fourth quarter.

Power through your monitoring reports.
Let us visit your conservation easement sites and collect GPS and photographic data documenting conformance with or violation of deed restrictions. We’ll complete the report, including maps and photographs with captions, using your form or ours. We work throughout Virginia.

Drone Photography

Get photographs where you dare not go.
Our FAA Part 107-certified unmanned aerial vehicle pilots can get the photos you need over steep, wooded terrain, wetlands, even swamps and shorelines. Use our photos as part of your baseline documentation report, monitoring reports, or anywhere else you need to show the features of the land.

Get photographs from the air to show a property to advantage.
Our certified pilots will get photos and videos that display the beauty of a property and the terrain. Give your clients a real sense of the viewshed, the density and expanse of the wooded areas, and the property’s proximity to landmarks, preserved lands, and urban areas. Combine photos with a selection of our professional quality maps, and you’ll have a package that shows your property in the best light.

GIS Analysis/Data Visualization

Find out what your data means.
We will collect or locate, aggregate, and restructure data to create choropleth maps, density or heat maps, or contour maps to help you make informed decisions. We’ll conduct viewshed/3D analysis and other spatial analysis, including site selection/suitability modeling, slope analysis, overlay analysis, and space-time analysis. We’ll give you the clarity you need to choose your next project or determine the best course of action.

Present your data – make it shareable.
If you have data you need to share, with a professional audience or the general public, we’ll make it easy to access and understand by creating charts, graphs, interactive online maps – whatever the data suggests and your audience needs. We’ll create a professional look, for print or online.